4 Steps To a Mobile Marketing Campaign

4 Steps To a Mobile Marketing Campaign

Mobile marketing is an excellent way to increase your brand awareness, collect customer information, or simply engage consumers in your buying process. So how do you get started?

Mobile Marketing Plan

As with any marketing endeavor, your first step is to create a business plan.  You must know where you would like your marketing plan to take you, how you will use it to get there, and have some way of establishing when you have arrived.  There are tons of tools available to help you, and it doesn’t matter which one you choose as long as in the end you have a meticulous business plan.

Apply For Your Short Code

A short code, sometimes referred to as a vanity code, is a special phone number that can be used in SMS or MMS messages.  This number is unique to your business.  It usually takes around three months to assign and will come from your mobile technology supplier.  Choosing the correct technology partner is crucial.  Look closely at AT&T, T-Mobile, and others to be sure they can give you the flexibility and resources you need.

Carrier Approval

You will have to apply for carrier approval, and then your technology partner will take care of the rest.  This approval is required before you can implement your plan.  Be prepared to tell them your strategic plan of action and go into detail about your marketing plan.  This approval will take place during your waiting period for the short code.  Your mobile carrier will need to sign off on your program in advance, and each carrier has different guidelines.

Opt-In Process Development

Opt-in is a mandatory requirement.  You must get the specific consent from each person you contact.  After getting the consent, be sure to keep record of it.  This opt-in process will be implemented outside of your mobile marketing process.  It will be considered spam if your user did not agree to receiving the messages.  Push marketing is absolutely not allowed and mobile carriers will bust you for spam.

So there you have it, the four structural stages of mobile marketing.  Develop a business plan, apply for short code, get approved, and set up your opt-in process.  One final bit of advice is to keep your messages short, and focus on time-sensitive or immediate action messages.  Remember that you are using some of your customer’s messaging allotment, so keep it short and simple.

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