What I’m about to talk about will ruffle a few feathers along the way, so if you have sensitive skin I advise you turn away from reading the rest of this article — especially if you’re one of the tweeters I’m referring to below.

So why am I choosing to talk about a twitter marketing secret that’s a little blunt and in your face?

Because telling the truth about using twitter the “most effective” way is, well… inconvenient.

Let’s face it. It gives us a warm fuzzy feelings inside when we think we’ve accomplished a lot building this massive list of tweeters on auto-pilot. It kind of makes us feel like we “did a lot of something”, when in reality — “we did a lot of nothing”.

Don’t misquote me. Using tools to help speed up the process of finding quality twitter users is valuable. It saves us time. … Continue reading

new_birdThe problem most businesses have is being able to successfully connect their products and services in a way that is NOT a spam fest but still allows them to make money in a real and effective manner. I was always intrigued with Twitter so I started studying the real psychology behind Twitter about a year ago.

What I saw was nothing short of amazing. What’s the big deal you might be asking yourself? Well most people are just not aware of the POWER behind Twitter. This massive social media system carries our “thoughts”. To be precise over 250 million + tweets go out (daily) and what is shocking is that Twitter actually mimics the way we like to think and feel, in little perfect snippets that people can and do absorb on both a conscious and subconscious level.

People on Twitter who understand how these thought patterns work are successful… Continue reading

Hashtags and Twitter Marketing

Twitter-1If you’re joining the Twitterverse for business marketing purposes, then it’s not enough that you get followers and update your status regularly. If you want to thrive in today’s highly competitive market, it’s important to use ALL the features provided by Twitter to your advantage. One of those is the baffling hashtag.

 What is a Hashtag?

A hashtag is characterized by the symbol # and is often used to emphasize keywords in a tweet.

“I love the new song of #KatyPerry”

The words immediately following the hashtag is basically the keyword of the Tweet. Its main purpose is to organize tweets while at the same time helping the spread of information in the social network. In the example above, the hashtag #KatyPerry will help Twitter group and organize all the tweets about the singer. This way, any search made on the topic will be easier since the website already… Continue reading

Advantages of Twitter Marketing

Using Twitter for marketing is not exactly a new concept. Like other social media sites, Twitter is one of the most viable domains where businesses – big or small – may market their products to a group of interested individuals. However, that’s not the only reason why marketing with Twitter is ideal nowadays. The fact is that this method comes with a wide array of advantages including but not limited to the following:


Cost Effective

Creating a Twitter account is free, allowing small businesses to start marketing without putting out a large amount of cash. The only investment needed for Twitter marketing would be the computer, internet connection and time to devote to the task.


Target Market

Twitter makes it possible for businesses not just to reach just any market. Through proper following, small-scale companies can make contact with the people that are most likely to patronize their… Continue reading

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