Hashtags and Twitter Marketing

Twitter-1If you’re joining the Twitterverse for business marketing purposes, then it’s not enough that you get followers and update your status regularly. If you want to thrive in today’s highly competitive market, it’s important to use ALL the features provided by Twitter to your advantage. One of those is the baffling hashtag.

 What is a Hashtag?

A hashtag is characterized by the symbol # and is often used to emphasize keywords in a tweet.

“I love the new song of #KatyPerry”

The words immediately following the hashtag is basically the keyword of the Tweet. Its main purpose is to organize tweets while at the same time helping the spread of information in the social network. In the example above, the hashtag #KatyPerry will help Twitter group and organize all the tweets about the singer. This way, any search made on the topic will be easier since the website already has all the related tweets associated with the keyword.

How Is This Useful?

Used correctly, hashtags can be an excellent tool for Twitter marketing. For example, you can start a contest, inviting all participants to use the hashtag #GameOn. This allows you, the originator, to track how far the hashtag has gone through your layer of followers. Depending on the popularity of the game, your hashtag may also get to the trending list of Twitter in which case, it will gather more exposure. At the very least, these hashtags will inform second-degree followers about the existence of the business, hopefully inspiring them to become subscribers themselves.


What to Remember when Using Hashtags

Considering how useful these hashtags are, it only makes sense for businesses to deliberate over what hashtags to use. Obviously, the hashtag should be something related to the business and the game that is being pursued. A good rule when coming up with a hashtag is using the “CamelCase” method. This means that you can connect several words together and separate them by simply capitalizing the first letter of the following word.

Hashtags also shouldn’t be overused. The polite way of approaching this trend is by using the tag at least twice for each post. It doesn’t matter where the tag is placed – up front, in the middle or at the back – as long as it doesn’t number more than two. Also, the hashtag needs to be relevant to the total post.

With proper use, hashtags can be a powerful tool for Twitter marketing. Sometimes, it’s not even necessary to create an event for a hashtag. Instead, businesses can simply participate in existing games that are related to their business and this can also help propel them to popularity.

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