Did you notice it too?

I’m talking about “blogging websites turning into websites” model. In the last few months, blogging has become more like a sales business than a communication platform.

Recently, “blogging professionals” are turning standard blogs into opt-in pages, salespages, and standard websites. Nothing wrong with that, but when you lose sight of what makes a blog a blog you’re walking on thin ice.

Bottomline, you should still have a real blog that serves it’s purpose the way it was orginally designed : to communicate ideas, topics, and subjects to your target audience with the intent to have your readers get involved to share their opinions.

The blogs other purpose is to continue a conversation you started through other social media outlets like youtube, twitter, facebook, or myspace. It should be a continuoes flow from one social media network to your blog — another social media network —… Continue reading

Have you heard of a woman by the name of Maria Andros lately?

Odds are you have if you’ve been even remotely interested in dominating the social market space with your presence.

She’s generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue making 3-minute youtube videos and being one of the first to tap into the “twitter phenomenon”  before it became big news. She also took facebook marketing to another level . But Maria’s not the first and “only” person to take advantage of social media marketing…

A fella by the name Perry Belcher is another one, and of course Dennis Kragnalia, the youtube money mastermind — is another one.

The only thing that separates you from them is one principle:

They are passionate about helping others get what they want without begging for business or stepping on anybodies toes. They drop links, website addresses, and opt-in pages so their… Continue reading

Advantages of Twitter Marketing

Using Twitter for marketing is not exactly a new concept. Like other social media sites, Twitter is one of the most viable domains where businesses – big or small – may market their products to a group of interested individuals. However, that’s not the only reason why marketing with Twitter is ideal nowadays. The fact is that this method comes with a wide array of advantages including but not limited to the following:


Cost Effective

Creating a Twitter account is free, allowing small businesses to start marketing without putting out a large amount of cash. The only investment needed for Twitter marketing would be the computer, internet connection and time to devote to the task.


Target Market

Twitter makes it possible for businesses not just to reach just any market. Through proper following, small-scale companies can make contact with the people that are most likely to patronize their… Continue reading

It’s really not that hard.


In fact, it’s a piece of cake when you understand the process, respect the process, and follow it to a “T”.


I’m talking about making a good living as an affiliate marketer. No, not a millionaire, but a few thousand bucks a month in profit you could use to pay off that mortgage or send your kids to school.


It all begins with making that first buck, that first $1 bill somehow in your mind will prove to you that this is real and will drive you to scale your success, starting with…


Step 1: Get a product. You need a product to promote as an affiliate, so find one you like and write the author for a review copy. 9 times out of 10, he or she will say yes if it means making more sales for them.


Step… Continue reading

4 Steps To a Mobile Marketing Campaign

4 Steps To a Mobile Marketing Campaign

Mobile marketing is an excellent way to increase your brand awareness, collect customer information, or simply engage consumers in your buying process. So how do you get started?

Mobile Marketing Plan

As with any marketing endeavor, your first step is to create a business plan.  You must know where you would like your marketing plan to take you, how you will use it to get there, and have some way of establishing when you have arrived.  There are tons of tools available to help you, and it doesn’t matter which one you choose as long as in the end you have a meticulous business plan.

Apply For Your Short Code

A short code, sometimes referred to as a vanity code, is a special phone number that can be used in SMS or MMS messages.  This number is unique to your… Continue reading


Are you running a blog and trying to build your readership? Maybe you want to start making more money with your blog. If so, you definitely want to consider using Pinterest to give your blog a boost. This social networking site offers a great way to promote your blog and it really is easy to get started. To help you get started, here are some helpful tips and ideas that bloggers can use on Pinterest for the best results.


Add the Pinterest Button

If you want to use Pinterest to promote your blog, make sure you actually add the Pinterest button to your blog. When you add this button, your readers can easily bookmark and promote the posts that you have up on your blog. You want to make it as easy as possible for your readers to help you promote your blog. This button will do a… Continue reading

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