Pinterest Marketing – Small Businesses Enjoy Exciting Benefits



Pinterest offers users a virtual pin board that allows them to keep track of things that inspire them. Interests can be liked or pinned on the site and Pinterest also allows people to promote services and products easily. Once items are pinned, they can be put into categories. While you can create many different categories, some of the most popular categories on Pinterest include the following:

–          Cooking/Recipes

–          Crafts

–          Jewelry

–          Fashion

–          Do it Yourself

–          Wedding Planning

–          Home Interior

Only recently, companies have started exploring all that Pinterest has to offer. After all, the site reports having more than 10 million unique visitors and also reports incredible growth within the past few months. This definitely shows some great marketing potential to small businesses. Of course, while Pinterest has many benefits to offer, it has to be used correctly or businesses will end up with another social media marketing failure once again.

Since small businesses have begun realizing the power Pinterest has to offer, many fashion designers, photographers and graphic artists have started using it for business promotion. Small businesses can easily create storyboards that show off their products. Consumers can easily check out work or products before buying.

Pinterest also offers small businesses a great tool for market research. When you begin looking at Pinterest, you can quickly see what’s trending. This will show you what products are popular and which colors and ideas are being pinned again and again. Although you won’t find any hardcore metrics, you can keep up with the current interests and trends. This will enable your small business to figure out popularity, interests and even marketability for products.

Now that you understand the value that Pinterest offers small businesses, you may be wondering what practices work best for small businesses that want to get involved in Pinterest marketing. Here are a few great practices to adopt when you begin using Pinterest.

First, make sure you are defining your pinboards. Each board should be organized into categories. Choose categories and board names that define the services and products included within that board.

It’s also important to focus on being creative. You need to think about topics that will show off the personality your brand offers. Creativity will also help you create good boards that will keep followers engaged. Remember, you don’t always have to use boards to promote a specific product. However, your boards should be teaching people more about your company brand.

As you begin using Pinterest, make sure you find and get to know your audience. Do some research to see if people are pinning things from your website already. This allows you to see who is already interested in the products you are offering.

Last, don’t forget to interact with your audience and engage them if you want to convert them. When pinners follow you and repin your items, make sure you start interacting them. You can do this by liking their pins, repinning their pins or even by mentioning them in your own pins. This way you start up further conversations with your audience.

Pinterest definitely offers a host of great benefits to small businesses today. Now you need to work on actually harnessing the power of this website so your business can enjoy all it has to offer.


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