Pinterest Marketing – Tips for Launching Your Brand Presence


While many marketers are familiar with Pinterest, many have yet to begin getting involved with all this social network has to offer. Pinterest is actually an important marketing tool that brands can use to get their brand presence out there. This website has quickly become one of the best referral traffic sources for many brands and your brand can benefit from this website as well. If you’re interested in using Pinterest marketing to develop your own brand presence, here are some helpful tips to help you get started.


Tip #1 – Reserve Your Name – The first thing you need to do to launch your brand presence on Pinterest is to reserve your name. Sign up and make sure you secure the username that you want. You can easily reserve your name and worry about getting started later. This way you ensure that no one takes the name that you want to use to promote your brand on the website.


Tip #2 – Group Things by Themes – Once you begin pinning, make sure you group things you post together by themes. Each board should have a specific image. You don’t want to create boards that are only a compilation of the products you offer. While it’s find to have some of your products shown on the boards, make sure you mix in plenty of other content that goes along with the boards overall theme as well.


Tip #3 – Add in the Prices – The great thing about Pinterest is that it allows you to easily add in the prices when you create a pin. Simply typing in the value in the description of the pin will create a price banner for the pin, showing users a price of an item they are viewing. Adding a price also makes your pin show up when people search for gifts. Make it easy for people to see that your items are for sale by making sure you add a price to the description.


Tip #4 – Use the “Pin It” Button – As you work to launch your brand presence with Pinterest marketing, make sure that you use the “Pin It” button on your website. You can easily put this button on every product page. This allows your site visitors to post products to Pinterest as well, helping to market your products for you.


Tip #5 – Start Engaging Pinterest Users – Engaging with other Pinterest users is going to be an essential part of Pinterest marketing. It’s important to listen to your followers, not just broadcast your brand. This can be done by having others post on some of your boards, by commenting on the posts of others and more. Doing this will help you become a part of the Pinterest community.


Pinterest offers a great way to launch your brand presence on the web. It’s easy and effective. Make sure you take time to learn more about how you can easily establish your brand presence with the help of Pinterest.

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