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Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate Marketing

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How To Effectively Boost Your Marketing Efforts By Becoming

Successful SUPER Affiliate With A Powerful Strategic Marketing Plan!

The Best Part Is... You Can Take This Practical Information And Put It

To Immediate Use Within Hours Of Reading It... And You Can Get Started

On The Road To Higher Profits Without Making A Huge Investment!


DIGITAL BOOK-Instant Download in PDF format (printable)


Module 1: Introduction

What makes super affiliates stand out from the regular affiliate competing with thousands of other money-hungry people around the world? What strategies can make them rise above the rest to make their mark as Internet Gurus that rake in the cash? This module will introduce you to the fundamentals of super affiliate marketing.

  • You'll find out where affiliate marketing started online, and how it made an impact on the income of people without sales skills.
  • Discover the basics of modern affiliate marketing, and I'll explain the four-pronged process of high achievement.
  • Learn about the must-haves for evolving super affiliates, and the concept behind the rudimentary mistake that many unknowingly make daily.
  • Ascertain the best way to boost traffic and sales without using search engines, and beat your competition to the punch.

Module 2: Existing Affiliate Model

There's no doubt that affiliate marketing can be highly lucrative for both affiliates and merchants. But what is it about super affiliates that gives them the continual jump ahead of others creating a respectable income that can't be ignored?

  • You'll read about the five good reasons that merchants choose affiliates to promote their products, and how using them creates much higher profits than not utilizing these proven affiliate models.
  • I'll explain the mind set you need to grasp onto tightly before we reprogram you, and get you started on the road to success. (Including the seven myths we need to immediately clear up!)
  • Learn how to apply smart marketing principals intelligently to transform your life, and not take the new opportunities for granted.
  • You'll be shown how to cut down on learning time, create a team or outsource, manage your time wisely, set realistic goals, and maintain the required level of dedication.
  • I'll introduce you to the top four affiliate networks, and share the five-finger rule of choosing the best merchant products for your needs.
  • Discover how to choose premium products that match your expertise, and garner the best payouts, and four affiliate marketing mistakes to avoid.
  • See what you need to become a super affiliate, and find out how you can build influence in the future.

Module 3: Get A Peg Above The Rest

This module focuses on the limitations that affiliate marketers need to be aware of, and strategies to utilize to attract more attention from prospects compelling them to buy through your affiliate link instead of someone else's link.

  • Notice the common sense approach to gaining consumer's trust, and inducing them to buy from your value-adding incentives. (We'll even share seven of our closely guarded secrets to give you ideas for your own incentive-based offers).
  • Learn exactly what differentiates an average affiliate from a super affiliate, and find out how this one powerful tactic can easily create multiple sales from the same customers over time, increasing your profits dramatically!
  • Read of the nine important design elements contained in the content of a highly successful squeeze page, and how utilizing them can guarantee your income will explode.
  • Become aware of the affiliate networks that offer automated incentive delivery to your customers to make your offers more attractive and appealing.

Module 4: Attracting Targeted Traffic

Without targeted traffic delivering the right type of audience to your offers, you'll need to explore different types of advertising vehicles that you can utilize. Yes it's somewhat of a strategic art to attract targeted traffic, but get this one aspect right, and you'll be highly successful in no time!

  • I'll discuss the fastest way to attract targeted traffic, and share six of my personal resources with you.
  • In this chapter, I'll also cover organic traffic, and provide you with several key ways of capturing the interest of targeted traffic to your site.
  • Discover how to generate extra targeted traffic from your own list by building solid, long-lasting relationships with your customers. I'll even give you three examples of the ways you can easily form a connection with your list members.
  • Building a responsive list isn't quite as difficult as you might think. Find out how tracking and monitoring your campaign's performances will help.

Module 5: Sum Of The Parts

In this final section, you'll see how you can duplicate your success to blast your profits through the roof.

  • You'll learn how to become an affiliate force to be reckoned with.
  • I'll share my list of tried, tested and true resources with you.



This is the perfect companion guide for the Super Affiliate Marketing Strategies digital book, and makes your interactive learning experience easier and much more enjoyable. These painless step-by-step instructions will help guide you through all the topics covered in the main course, and assist you in developing a better understanding of the topic. To help keep you motivated and aiming for each one of your goals, your work will be broken down into individual tasks, each with their own time commitment so you can easily manage your workload.

Everything is laid out for you from the preparation exercises, to conducting research, all the way to putting your business completely on autopilot. It's as easy as 1 - 2 - 3!



This companion checklist for the Super Affiliate Marketing Strategies system will ensure you cover all your bases, don't skip a crucial step, and get prepared for your successful CPA affiliate business. Conveniently written in the order of processing, you simply check each step as you proceed and complete each vital part. The checklist is a handy tool that allows you to keep on top of your personal progress as you become a savvy CPA marketer.

Each checkmark represents your exciting journey of each step moving closer towards the major goal of running your own business, being your own boss, and getting your CPA affiliate business on autopilot.



This colorful flow chart is an exceptionally easy way to keep yourself on track and focuses on the next step in building your business. Print it out, put it on a wall in easy view from your computer, and give yourself a visual reminder of what your next step should be. Build confidence as you become more aware of exactly where you are, and what else needs to be done in the near future.

Should you ever be unsure of what to do next, there's no need for panic, as this one-stop reference chart will instantly get you right back on track where you belong.

Should you ever be unsure of what to do next, there's no need for panic, as this one-stop reference chart will instantly get you right back on track where you belong.

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