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Social Media


Social Media

Social Media

If You Really Want To Make A

Serious Impact On Your Business, Then You Need

To Embrace Social Media Marketing ASAP!

With This Social Media Package Can You Find Out Everything An Internet

Marketer Needs To Know About Social Media Marketing Without Paying

Thousands Of Dollars To Go Away To A Seminar To Learn!


DIGITAL BOOK-Instant Download in PDF format (printable)


Module 1: Introduction

I discuss both traditional media and social media, then reveal the primary reason why marketers and businesses fail.

  • You will see the benefits of utilizing social media in your marketing campaigns.
  • Then I share some eye-opening statistics that cement the reasons behind the need for social media, and round it off with our first simple action plan.

Module 2: Before You Begin

Things to know before you start, and the right way to get started without jumping straight in and doing the wrong things.

  • The 4 things you need to remain consistent in across all platforms to brand your business.
  • We discuss domain, brand and usernames, and provide you with a nifty tool that will help you to select the right configuration of the three for your business.
  • Read my special tips on creating an avatar that will stand out from the crowd, and learn how to listen to find the perfect target audience for your products and services.
  • See 7 powerful tips to get you started conversing in the right tone to your prospects online.

Module 3: Setting Goals

Every marketing strategy needs a clear set of goals, and this is where I introduce you to my S.M.A.R.T. goal setting system.

  • Discover the 4 primary goals that represent what you plan to accomplish.
  • I tell you the secrets behind increasing brand awareness, engaging your audience, increasing traffic and delivering top-notch customer support.

Module 4: Putting Your Plan Into Action

This module covers what you need to do to build a solid infrastructure for your business before you launch yourself into the social media world.

  • I take you in depth through the top social media platforms and social bookmarking sites, and I share my personal hints and tips to getting the most from each program.
  • Now it is time for your next action plan, which takes you step-by-step through each task necessary to get ready for launch.
  • I will cover blogging, and video and picture sharing, and the available platforms. Then you will learn about the most popular professional social site online.
  • Then there is your next action plan to follow here. (Don't worry, it's painless!) Plus I will provide you with some valuable resources that you can refer to if required.

Module 5: Platform Integration

This is when I will help you to connect your social media sites together quickly and easily. Consider it a funnelled web that will attract your prospects and subscribers to feed into your business system.

  • I will share my 11 point action plan that will save you hours of valuable time, and keep you up-to-date at each site with little fuss.
  • I will teach you exactly what to share and where to share it to get the absolute most from each social media account.

Module 6: Launching Your Social Media Presence

Now that you have done all the preliminary work, I will walk you through the launch phase that will get you building relationships effortlessly.

  • You will learn what to post first at each site, and I willl show you how to link it all together for maximum impact!
  • Your next action plan follows, and will ensure you have not missed any important steps in this vital process.

Module 7: Example Beginning Strategy

You can try out my example strategy as a first time player.

  • I will cover the first 3 steps that will get you going quickly.
  • You will also learn the 8 extra steps that you can utilise to carry out regular maintenance.

Module 8: Analyzing Social Media Data

This is a crucial step in the social media marketing process that can make a world of difference to your success.

  • I will show you how to effectively track your campaigns, and setup RSS feeds to receive important statistical data from your profiles.
  • Learn what you need to get into the habit of doing to remain informed, and follow your next action plan here.

Module 9: Maintaining Your Social Media Presence

Because social media is like a living, breathing entity that continuously evolves, you will need to carry out some tweaking at certain times to remain up-to-date with technology.

  • Your analytics will help you discover changes in trends so you can alter your goals and strategies to suit your business.
  • The final action plan is revealed in this chapter.

Module 10: Have Fun With It

Social media is the ultimate platform that allows us to have a voice and be heard by friends, acquaintances, friends from the past, and business prospects. It makes it very easy to share things in our lives that stir all manner of emotions.

  • I cover social media and internet marketing, outsourcing for busy marketers, and make suggestions of how you can prepare for the future.
  • Learn what it takes to become a true success with social media, and the fun you can have at the same time.



This is the perfect companion guide for the SOCIAL MEDIA for SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS digital book and makes your interactive learning experience easier and much more enjoyable. These painless step-by-step instructions will help guide you through all the topics covered in the main course.

Your work will be broken down into individual tasks so you can easily manage your workload. Everything is laid out for you from the preparation exercises, all the way to putting your business completely on autopilot. It is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3!



This companion checklist for the SOCIAL MEDIA for SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS system will ensure you cover all your bases, do not skip a crucial step, and get prepared for the successful integration of social media into your business. Conveniently written in the order of processing, you simply check each step as you proceed, and complete each vital part. The checklist is a handy tool that allows you to keep on top of your personal progress as you become a savvy social media marketer.

Each checkmark represents your exciting journey of each step moving closer towards the major goal of including social media platforms into the every day running of your business, becoming well known online, and simplifying the business processes for greater returns.



This colorful flow chart is an exceptionally easy way to keep yourself on track, and focuses on the next step in building your business.

Print it out, put it on a wall in easy view from your computer, and give yourself a visual reminder of what your next step should be. Build confidence as you become more aware of exactly where you are, and what else needs to be done in the near future.

Should you ever be unsure of what to do next, there's no need for panic, as this one-stop reference chart will instantly get you right back on track where you belong.

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Social Media