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Social Media

Social Media

"Discover The Little Known Red Hot Traffic Source That's More Visual Than

Twitter... More Niches Than LinkedIn...More Targeted Traffic Than FaceBook!"

Read on to discover how to exploit this largely overlooked source of

tightly targeted 'word of mouth' traffic to supercharge your business

and your life - all on a shoestring budget...


DIGITAL BOOK-Instant Download in PDF format (printable)


Module 1: Understanding StumbleUpon

  • What 'word of mouth' advertising is (and why exactly it converts to sales better than any other type).
  • The key reason why Amazon is now the largest online retailer in the world - and how you can use your StumbleUpon presence to model on their success.
  • How you are throwing money away if you aren't using this tightly targeted community to sell your wares.
  • The nuts and bolts of StumbleUpon (here's a quick look under the StumbleUpon hood).
  • The StumbleUpon jargon - because being able to converse with the natives is vital!
  • The clever way StumbleUpon overcomes human inertia (which means greater benefits for you).

Module 2: StumbleUpon and you

  • Your top priority as a StumbleUpon rookie - because trying too hard can be counterproductive.
  • The fatal mistake you must avoid at all costs (miss this tip and you could be dead in the water!).
  • Getting set up on StumbleUpon - you'll be delighted how quick and easy this is.
  • The StumbleUpon toolbar (and why you should definitely download and install it - no matter how full your hard drive is!).
  • How StumbleUpon's keyword tagging system will make it easier for folks to find your pages
  • The key benefit of StumbleUpon - and vital difference that sets it head and shoulders above FaceBook and Twitter when it comes to getting tightly targeted visitors to your web site.
  • How to leverage the power of StumbleUpon on your FaceBook and Twitter pages.
  • What's missing on StumbleUpon (and how this actually adds to its effectiveness).
  • How StumbleUpon automatically provides that vital ingredient for a successful sale.
  • The vital part your web site has to play in your StumbleUpon business plan (and how doing the obvious simply won't cut any ice).

Module 3: Advertising on StumbleUpon

  • How hardly anyone knows about StumbleUpon advertising (you'll hardly believe just how many views this 'cheaper than peanuts' PPC advertising method can get you for just five bucks!)
  • How StumbleUpon ads are laser-targeted - leading to some spectacular conversion rates.
  • How you can even pick up regular StumbleUpon 'likes' from your paid visitors (which, in turn, increases your 'organic' StumbleUpon traffic).
  • The key difference to regular PPC - and why this keeps your ad costs at rock bottom.
  • How StumbleUpon ads keep conversion rates high (because the content is not obviously a paid for ad, so the higher conversion rate of organic listings apply).
  • How the ability to target 'mobile internet' devices can increase your reach.
  • How StumbleUpon ads are far superior to even FaceBook's - simply because they actually get looked at.

Module 4: How StumbleUpon Advertising Works

  • The sheer simplicity of StumbleUpon advertising - and how it harnesses human psychology for spectacular results.
  • How StumbleUpon assures the higher conversion rates normally reserved for organic listings.
  • How you can laser-target your ads for total cost-effectiveness (you select the precise interests and demographics of the folks you want to reach).
  • How StumbleUpon ads combine the proven benefits of Google's AdWords and FaceBook advertising (whilst relieving you of any of the drawbacks!).

Module 5: How To Get Advertising On StumbleUpon

This module takes you by the hand and walks you through the business of setting up this most powerful form of traffic generation...

  • The place to go to set up your ad campaign lightening fast - because StumbleUpon makes it as easy as ABC.
  • The two ways to set your daily budget (how to pick which one suits you best).
  • The smart way to make every advertising dollar work its socks off - useful advice here on picking precisely the niche you want to target.
  • How to make sure you're targeting folks with money (you control the age range, gender and location of who will see your ad, as well as the device on which they will view it - iPhone or laptop computer, for example).
  • How you can supercharge your results - because split testing is a snap.
  • How to set your budget from a choice of three fixed low prices (and no need to worry about being out bid).
  • How to decide on scheduling - choose between a specific time period or just let it run and run.
  • The useful extra tools you get with the two higher priced options (and how you can use them to maximize your results).
  • Why taking either of the two higher-priced options could actually result in lower ad costs.
  • The key to success with StumbleUpon advertising.

Module 6: Maximizing StumbleUpon traffic

  • Why you must know your StumbleUpon audience (and the two types of people you are marketing to).
  • Six seconds to live - or die - the vital art of engaging your audience.
  • How to match your content to your audience (street smart advice that will pay off big).
  • How to craft a 'get them by the eyeballs' headline - and so instantly grab your visitor's attention.

Module 7: How To Rivet Your Audience's Attention

  • The secret of keeping your audience wanting more (and how to play on their natural curiosity).
  • Which type of audience is easier to keep on your site - and the one you'll struggle with.
  • The vital part of good formatting (do this right and it can really draw your audience into your site).

Module 8: Transforming Your Visitors Into Rabid Fans

  • Once you've gotten your visitors, you'll want to keep them coming back for more. So here are some street smart ways to do that...
  • The secret of a great first impression (because you'll never get a second chance)
  • The royal family of marketing - and why it's vital to your success.
  • How to use StumbleUpon's facilities to the maximum (and how it will enhance your knowledge of your competition, too).
  • Why a mix of paid and organic traffic is best - and the right way to build a strong reputation.

Module 9: Turning Your Traffic Into Money

Now you've built up a regular stream of StumbleUpon tightly targeted traffic of folks who already know what you are about and like and trust you, it's time to cash in.So this module contains four sure-fire ways to make money from your StumbleUpon efforts...

  • The method that's a complete no-brainer and a strong money maker (what's more, it's the easiest sell in the world).
  • The huge range of trouble-free products you can sell as an affiliate - as long as you take the right steps at the very beginning.
  • This method involves absolutely no selling, works on autopilot (and you don't even have to drop the check in the bank - the money gets wired direct to your bank).
  • Why there's no need to limit yourself to just digital products - making the sky truly the limit to what you can sell.
  • The vital key to success on StumbleUpon (no matter how you intend to make money from it).

Module 10: Building Your List With StumbleUpon

  • How building your list with StumbleUpon is even easier than selling something.
  • How sending your visitors to a squeeze page can be a deadly mistake (and what to do instead).
  • The secret of making money from your list far into the future - get this right and you'll have the power to generate cash on demand...
  • How to craft a 'get them by the eyeballs' headline - and so instantly grab your visitor's attention.



Keeping track of your StumbleUpon advertising and posts becomes a snap once you own this priceless extra.

And, because this worksheet integrates seamlessly with the Traffic Powerhouse StumbleUpon guide, you'll be delighted to discover what a must-have item it is.

It's so quick and easy to use, because you simply check off each step as you do it.

This is a wonderful system to keep a close eye on your ever growing StumbleUpon activities.



This checklist makes it a complete no-brainer to be certain you've every aspect of your StumbleUpon traffic generation covered.

And, because this checklist meshes precisely with your Traffic Powerhouse StumbleUpon guide, keeping track of everything couldn't be simpler.

So any doubts about your ability to become a StumbleUpon traffic top gun, disappear when you can view the entire process laid out before you like a completed jig saw.

I'm rightly proud of this method devised to help make your path to StumbleUpon traffic mastery silky smooth.



Like a commander viewing the battlefield, this process chart will prove to be the perfect way to oversee every aspect of your project at a glance.

The secret of creating a buzz in your group and becoming the 'go to' guy is to make regular and interesting posts. So always having an accurate overall view of what you have posted and what you intend to post means you'll always have an exciting mix to keep your fan base happy and growing.

And to be able to instantly see the overall picture, simply print out this process map and hang it on the wall for an instant overview.

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Social Media