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Twitter Traffic


Social Media

Social Media

Attention internet marketers:

If you want to protect and increase your traffic,

then you need to read every word of this...

"Discover How To Have A 21st Century Social Media Site

And Easily Transform Your Business Into A Profit Powerhouse!"


DIGITAL BOOK-Instant Download in PDF format (printable)



This comprehensive program begins with a full seven page introduction to get you up to speed on exactly what Twitter is and the solid reasons why you must make it an integral part of your traffic generation strategy...

  • What exactly is Twitter (and where it fits in with the mass of social media sites out there).
  • What extra steps a business needs to take beyond mere personal use.
  • The key secret of Twitter that makes it a traffic powerhouse (grasp this and you will be well on your way to becoming a Twitter wizard!).
  • Seven little known Twitter statistics you probably don not know.
  • The eight solid reasons to use Twitter (including how it is perfectly placed to take full advantage of the current explosion of mobile internet devices, such as smart phones).
  • The key secret to using Twitter for maximum effect (and it avoids all the hype because it is based on sound scientific principles).
  • How you can harness the blasting power of human psychology to make big money with Twitter.

Having set out the basis for your undoubted success with Twitter, the program then moves on to the modules...

Module 1: Building your new marketing powerhouse

This first module covers exactly what you need to do to create a display on Twitter that goes directly to the emotional sweet spot of your followers, whilst subtly projecting your brand...

  • Why you need to build a new Twitter account from the ground up (and a sparkling example of exactly how it should be done).
  • The seven key steps to re-inventing your Twitter presence.
  • How to get tips direct from the horses mouth on tweaking your profile (and the five extra steps you should take to transform your basic profile into a marketing supercharger).
  • The four key questions you need to ask yourself to ensure your new presence is focussed like a laser on your target market.
  • How to find the inspiration to build a red hot, eye-catching page.
  • How and why you should create a personalized Twitter page (and how you can piggy back on big businesses million dollar market research for free).
  • Where to get a stunning, personalized Twitter page for five bucks.
  • How to create your very own Twitter page (including where to get free software to help you).
  • How to upload your Twitter page or get it done for you.
  • The important business of a good avatar (and how to easily get a great one created for you).

Module 2: How to literally hypnotize your followers

This module reveals more of the revolutionary approach this highly effective program is taking with a short history lesson about hypnosis and how this will be applied to supercharge your success with Twitter.

  • How by using a series of tweets, you can change the thought process of your followers from merely being interested in the subject to craving what you have to offer.
  • The important business of focussing your tweets correctly (miss this and you will be throwing money away).
  • How to add the magic within Twitter's 140 character limit.
  • How to reach right into your follower's subconscious.
  • How to construct a series of tweets that swiftly transform your followers from mildly interested to rabid buyers (so effective that they can not help but be carried along).
  • Three extra white-hot tweet secrets you can use right away.
  • The right way to start adding followers (so you can be sure they are passionate about what you have to offer).

Module 3: Attracting the right type of followers

This is where the rubber hits the road, because without you attracting exactly the right sort of folks that you can turn - in large numbers - into rabid buyers of what you have to sell, the entire project is pointless. So this module is a masterpiece of hard hitting, straight from the trenches secrets.

  • Fishing in your existing pool of friends and followers (and the simple script you can use to get them to follow you on Twitter).
  • The simple way of only attracting mega interested followers.
  • How to get new, targeted real followers on autopilot.
  • The crucial 2000 follower limit (and the simple secret of avoiding limitations on your account).
  • The important business of keeping your follower list 'clean'.
  • Building strong relationships (and the simple script you can use to greet new followers).
  • How to use hash tags and other symbols to join conversations and build relationships.

Module 4: How to avoid getting banned

Naturally, if you get banned from using your Twitter account all your efforts to generate traffic will come to nothing. So this module is devoted to the delicate balance between avoiding getting banned for over zealous marketing and actually wringing every last drop of quality traffic from Twitter.

  • How to use your profile to maximum advantage without risking getting banned.
  • How to generate additional followers from your web site or blog (if you use WordPress, this is as simple as using a plugin).
  • How to piggy back on the vast following the movers and shakers in your niche enjoy.
  • How to get the top dogs in your niche to actually send a tweet on your behalf to their followers.
  • The nine practices to avoid like the plague (because any one of them could get you banned in a New York minute).

Module 5: Making money with Twitter

This module is the finale of the three step psychological strategy we've been working towards. So far, we've gathered a group of very targeted followers, passionate about what it is we have to sell. And, through a series of carefully graded tweets have tickled their passion to fever pitch. So now is the time to galvanize them into taking the action you want.

  • The eight steps used by top companies all over the world that turn interested prospects into buyers.
  • The critical elements you need in place for success (miss just one and your marketing will crumble into dust).
  • How to decide what you are really selling.
  • Twitter 'memes' - what they are (plus the six variations you can use).

Module 6: Getting ready for success

There are half a dozen successful strategies you can choose for your Twitter marketing and this module takes an in-depth look at each one.

  • Keeping tabs on how you are doing - five tools designed to monitor your Twitter success.
  • How to supercharge your marketing with these three cutting edge marketing applications.
  • Knowledge is power and these three monitoring web sites will keep you up to speed with what's happening in your niche and what's being said about you and your business.
  • How to manage your Twitter account with maximum efficiency.
  • Three ways to find out more about your followers and how your strategies are impacting them.
  • Six fatal mistakes you should avoid on Twitter (ignore these at your peril).

Module 7: Transform followers into a top sales force

The best sales people in the world are those who have had their lives changed by contact with you and your business, because they will speak with an obviously genuine and infectious enthusiasm no paid sales person can hope to match. So this module focuses on leveraging the awesome latent power of your existing followers to attract even more.

  • How to get your top customers to sell for you (and that is far easier than you might think!).
  • The key secret of selling anything.
  • Which business you should consider forming alliances with (and how the results can be far greater than if you act alone).
  • The six golden rules of effective tweeting.
  • The tremendous value of follower feedback (and the website that will make it a snap to collect useable data).
  • How to move your marketing beyond the confines of Twitter.
  • The awesome power of tweeting video testimonials (and the easy as pie way to get them).

Module 8: Setting a perfect schedule for your tweets

Like all effective business strategies, the frequency and type of your tweets needs to be carefully thought out and then followed through, religiously. So this module covers all you need to know for maximum tweeting effectiveness.

  • The three types of tweets and the specific purpose of each.
  • How to set up your tweets to go out on autopilot (and the best times of day to have them sent).
  • The six most important considerations for maximum tweeting power.
  • The best way to automate your tweets (and link your other social media accounts to work in tandem - what's more it's free for up to five accounts).
  • How using a lower character limit makes it more likely your followers will retweet your posts.
  • How to properly post within Twitterverse (with eight examples to get you up to speed lightening fast!).
  • How to decide what live links to use on your tweets.

Module 9: Using Twitter to service your customers

The instant nature of Twitter makes it ideal to respond fast to customer's concerns. What's more, being seen to do this will greatly enhance your reputation with existing and potential followers and customers. So this module gives you the heads up.

  • The best way to equip yourself for a lightening fast reaction to customer concerns.
  • How to ensure your excellent customer service enhances your reputation and increases your chances of attracting new clients.
  • How to keep track of conversations, even when you are not on line.

Module 10: Wrapping it up

This section summarizes the revolutionary concept of the entire program and shows how short tweets, when used properly, mimic the way the human mind works, making it one of the most powerful marketing tools around.

  • Recapping on the three vital elements of the program.
  • How mind control is the most powerful marketing tool in your armoury.
  • How to push your marketing to the limit yet avoid getting your account banned.
  • Making money from your Twitter presence (in the final analysis, this is what counts!).
  • The key place to focus all your efforts for Twitter success.

...and much MUCH more...

Twitter Tons of Traffic gives you a full paint by numbers program designed to turn you into a Twitter wizard as fast as humanly possible. Once you have these revolutionary mind control concepts I promise you will be astonished at just how rapidly you will see your Twitter reputation and following soar like a bird.



Keeping watch on everything you need to do to create your highly effective Twitter presence - particularly when the concept is markedly different to anything you've ever come across before - is vital.


Well, this just became a whole lot easier with this specially designed worksheet, because you'll find it all a slam dunk, with this priceless extra aid.

And, because this worksheet seamlessly meshes with the Twitter Tons of Traffic program, you'll be really pleased to find out how much of a powerful addition to your Twitter marketing armoury it will prove to be.

It makes the whole exercise virtually automatic, because you simply check off each task as you complete it. So - before you know it - you're done!


This is a powerful way of creating your very own vibrant Twitter community while, at the same time, rendering it as effortless as possible.



It's obvious that creating a Twitter following of high quality followers means more traffic, sales and profits. But it's also obvious that, without proper controls, it can quickly turn into a logistical nightmare.


I've given you plenty of ideas for free and paid tools to manage your Twitter account and here's something that is not only free but also a highly effective extra aid, because it is designed to work synergistically with this program.It's a checklist that makes it a complete no-brainer to be certain you have every tiny detail I've mentioned in this program fully covered.


And, because this checklist fits like a glove with your Twitter Tons of Traffic tutorial, keeping on top of your Twitter project is a walk in the park.


So even the slightest doubt about whether you can become a Twitter wizard will quickly vanish when you see the whole process set out before you, like a panorama.


I'm particularly proud of this handy tool created especially to help make your path to Twitter success as smooth as silk.



Like a commander viewing the battlefield, this process chart will prove to be the perfect way to oversee every aspect of your project at a glance.

Fortune 500 and other top executives are taught to take 'helicopter views' of their business. This literally lets them see the BIG PICTURE. And now you can use the same valuable technique with your very own process map. It's the perfect way to take an overview of every tiny aspect of your project.


The secret of success with Twitter is to publish a variety of excellent tweets on a regular basis. That way you add a 'Pavlov's dog' dimension to the power you have already created over your followers. So being able to instantly see the status of every tweet is vital.


And that's a total slam dunk when you use this printable process map. Because you simply print it out and place it in a prominent position where you can see at a glance the whole pleasing picture of your activities.

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