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What is The Quickest Way To Brand Your Business,

Become Well-Known, And To Attract Targeted

Prospects To Your Web Site?



DIGITAL BOOK-Instant Download in PDF format (printable)


Module 1: Introduction

I will show you proof that people have become rich and famous through blogging just to show you that YOU CAN achive the same success as well.

You will see the benefits of blogging, including different monetizing models to utilise in your blogs.

Module 2: The New Media: Blogging

I discuss what blogging is, the benefits, and recap a history of blogging down through the ages.

  • Discover the benefits of sharing your blogs.
  • Learn how you can establish yourself as an expert in your field/niche.

Module 3: Setting A Blog

There are some important things you need to know before you start your own blog.

  • Discover the available hosting options and the differences between them.
  • You will learn about the different blogging platforms, how they operate, and special plug-ins you can use to make more money.

Module 4: Setting Up Your Own WP Blog

This module covers setting up the optimum blog solution of a self-hosted blog on your domain using the Wordpress platform.

  • I cover the options available to consider when choosing a web hosting company, and where to buy domain names from.
  • The 7 necessary steps to installing Wordpress through Fantastico De Luxe in your web hosting control panel.
  • How to tweak your Wordpress setup so your blog will rank in the search engines.
  • I give you full instructions on how to embed images, video and audio media in your blog.
  • I share 5 valuable plug-in resources with you that will add power to your installation.

Module 5: Making Money: Stop The Adsense

There are other ways to earn money besides using ads from Google Adsense that I discuss in this module.

  • I will share some examples of what you can sell from your blog to make money, and include 5 of my secret salespage plug-ins.
  • You will also read some special tips I have for writing good content, whether you are a copywriter or not.
  • Discover the one distinct area where you will be able to earn serious money through blogging, and 3 more money-making ideas to consider.

Module 6: Traffic Generation

Now that you have done all the preliminary work, I will walk you through the traffic-attraction phase that generate site visitors to your blog effortlessly.

  • I talk about conventional forms of getting traffic, then share my insights into specialised Wordpress plug-ins that you can install to get traffic to your site quickly and easily.

Module 7: Blogging Techniques Not Everyone Knows

This module is dedicated to little-known but powerful methods you can apply to make your blog a success.

  • Find out how to increase your page rank by including LSI keywords in your content.
  • I will introduce you to different forms of blogging including live blogging, and advanced blogging methods.

Module 8: Conclusion

  • Things to watch out for so your blog does not become idle, and you keep making money day after day, month after month etc.
  • Find out the reasons why people leave your blog.



This is the perfect companion guide for the WORDPRESS JACKPOT digital book, and makes your interactive learning experience easier and much more enjoyable. These painless step-by-step instructions will help guide you through all the topics covered in the main course, and assist you in developing a better understanding of blogging. To help keep you motivated and aiming for each one of your goals, your work will be broken down into individual tasks, each with their own time commitment so you can easily manage your workload.

Everything is laid out for you from the preparation exercises, to conducting research, all the way to putting your business completely on autopilot. It is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3!



This companion checklist for the WORDPRESS JACKPOT system will ensure you cover all your bases, do not skip a crucial step, and get prepared for the successful integration of a profitable blog into your business. Conveniently written in the order of processing, you simply check each step as you proceed, and complete each vital part. The checklist is a handy tool that allows you to keep on top of your personal progress as you become a savvy marketer and build your business to great heights.

Each checkmark represents your exciting journey as each step moves closer towards the major goal of running a highly profitable business for greater return.



This colorful flow chart is an exceptionally easy
way to keep yourself on track, and focuses on the next step in building your business. Print it out, put it on a wall in easy view from your computer, and give yourself a visual reminder of what your next step should be. Build confidence as you become more aware of exactly where you are, and what else needs to be done in the near future.

Should you ever be unsure of what to do next, there's no need for panic, as this one-stop reference chart will instantly get you right back on track where you belong.

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